Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (ALCO Critical Facility) AEC Documents

APAE-8, Army Package Power Reactor Zero Power Experiments (ZPE-1), 1957

APAE-18, Initial Operation and Testing of the Army Package Power Reactor APPR-1, 1957

APAE-23, APPR-1: Design, Construction and Operation, 1957

APAE-35, Supplement 2, Shielding Measurements at the SM-1 Reactor, 1961

APAE-36, The ALCO Products Inc. Criticality Facility, Description and Operations, 1958

APAE-39, Design Analysis of a Prepackages Nuclear Power Plant for an Ice Cap Location, 1959

APAE-54, Extended SM-2 Critical Experiments, CE-1, 1959

APAE-54, Supplement 1, Extended SM-2 Critical Experiments, CE-2, 1961

APAE-103, Summary Report of Analysis of Physics Measurements Performed on SM-1 Core I, 1962

APAE-107, Effect of Radiation Damage on SM-1, SM-1A, and PM-2A Reactor Vessels, 1961

APAE-108, Army PWR Support and Development Program, 1961

APAE-111, PM-2A Core II, Zero Power Experiment, 1962

APAE-115, PL-3 Phase I Task 3, R & D Report, 1962

APAE Memo 25, APPR-1 Low Power Test Program at the ALCO Critical Facility, 1956

APAE Memo 61, Results and Analysis of the APPR-1 Zero Power Experiments, Part I, 1956

APAE Memo 96, APPR-1 Hot Channel Factors, Re-evaluation on the Basis of Manufacturing Experience and Zero Power Experiments, 1957

APAE Memo 108, Coolant Flow Tailoring Program of the APPR-1 Core Employing a Full Scale Model of the Reactor Vessel, 1957

APAE Memo 124, Integral Flux Suppressor for APPR-1, Core II, 1958

APAE Memo 276, SM-1 Research and Development Quarterly Report, 1960

APAE Memo 305, Startup and Initial Testing of SM-1 Core II with Special Components, 1962