#8 – A Quick One

Paris – 6/14/2018

Bad news of today: I had to spend multiple hours to go to the bank and get my bank card and transfer money to my new landlord.

Great news of today: Kelly and I mostly finalized the details for our next trip – Bordeaux! We’ll be going to Bordeaux the weekend of the 23rd – because of the TGV schedules/prices, we weren’t able to take a late train out of Paris on Friday, so we’re going to take the Saturday morning train, which will get us to Bordeaux at about 11 am.

After some lunch, we’re going to go to Saint Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to visit a few of the chateaus/wineries there before heading back to Bordeaux for the night.

Then on Sunday, we’ll be heading over to Arcachon – a small town about an hour away with lots of beaches to spend some time in the sun! Then it’s back to Bordeaux to explore the town more before we head back to Paris. It’ll be a short trip, but I can’t wait!

Also, I got a picture of some of the buildings at IRSN (from the outside, not from behind the fence). The glass building is where all the important managers work (I don’t work there).
2018-06-13 16.28.13
That’s it for today, hope everyone is doing well!

One thought on “#8 – A Quick One

  1. Just a quick note — my plans are firmed up – I’ll be in Bern Switzerland from Aug 8-18 – my friend Ruth’s party is on the 11 which is my only weekend there so not sure how things might work but wanted to let you guys know —


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