#18 – It’s been hot in Paris!

Published July 30th, 2018
Normally, the weather in Paris is quite nice – mid 70’s (°F) during the day, 50’s at night. But this past week was very hot – in some parts of Paris last Thursday, the temperature went over 100 °F (38 C). Keep in mind, this is a city where most people don’t have air conditioning – mostly because it’s normally not necessary. Friday was also very hot, above 95 °F. In fact, the whole summer has been unseasonably warm – to Kelly and I, temperatures in the 80’s here seem normal, but some of Kelly’s co-workers have been complaining that the last two months have been very hot.

In our apartment, Kelly and I have been getting by with just a fan we’ve been running when we’re home: I definitely miss having an air conditioner.

This upcoming weekend will also be hot, up in the 90’s. Hopefully it’s not too hot, because two of our friends, Michelle and Matt are coming to visit! They are spending a few days with us, then going up to Normandy, then a few more days in Paris. Can’t wait for their visit!

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